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Need-To-Feed Program

needto feedNeed to Feed is a food program that operates every Monday afternoon beginning at 3:00 on Springwood Avenue just outside of the Kula Cafe.  Since its beginning in December 2010, the program has continued to grow and now serves meals to approximately 200 persons each day it operates.  During the winter months, soup, hot coffee, and bread and pastries are made available to the public free of charge.  During the summer months the menu changes to sandwiches and juice.  Whenever possible and available through donation or purchase, Need to Feed distributes other goods to the community:  mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, fruit, toys, books, shelf stable foods, and holiday items.

Need to Feed began when a group of New Jersey Youth Corps of Monmouth County students envisioned a program that would bring a free meal directly to the residents of the West Side community in need.  With a goal of providing food to homeless persons, families, children and anyone in need, an initial operating grant was obtained through the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation.  Multiple other public and private donors have allowed the program to continue operating for two years.

More than just serving a free meal, Need to Feed has become a weekly community event on Springwood Avenue outside the Kula Cafe.  Members of the public, city officials and staff, the police department, the chamber of commerce and other local people and entities stop by not just to grab a bite to eat or volunteer, but also to talk to each other, discuss community events and share concerns.

How to Sponsor a Need to Feed

Each need to feed event costs from $300 to $500.  This includes cost of food and salaries for our employees that prepare and serve the food.  Perhaps you or your organization would like to sponsor on or more need to feed events.  Please support this program by filling out the form below.  Or if you have questions, please contact Heather at 732-455-0515.

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