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Get the experience of a lifetime.

Job Training Program

The Kula Café Training Program offers a paid training site and workplace to young adults facing significant barriers to employment but who have the desire and willingness to create change in their lives. Through its entrepreneurial approach, the training program works with participants to address obstacles to employment with patience, planning and experience in a manner that a traditional training program may not be in a position to offer. This program is 16 weeks in duration – 4 weeks of job readiness training, 8 weeks of hands on experience in the Kula Café and 4 weeks of paid internship with local restaurants.

Participants build self-confidence, learn skills needed to obtain and retain employment, learn how to deal effectively with issues in the workplace and overcome barriers to employment prior to and during the program so that successful job placement results.

In a neighborhood that faces significant unemployment, poverty, and the need for specialized training opportunities, Kula Café gives participants and residents the opportunity to work together in the community and for the community.

Green Thumbs

Kula Green Thumbs is a 12-week after school program available to the Asbury Park local youth twice a year. Participants come to the café and farm site once a week for an hour/hour and a half and learn about operations, planting, harvesting and preparing healthy snacks and meals. Topics discussed include healthy fruits and vegetables, incorporating exercise into a healthy lifestyle and cooking at home.

Food is prepared and provided nearly every session with samples sent home to share with family. At the end of the program, participants earn their “Kula Green Thumb” certificate in hopes they’ll continue to make healthy decisions on a daily basis.


Every Monday, outside of the Kula Cafe, meals are offered to individuals in need, free of charge.  The program now serves approximately 200 patrons each week.  Stop by the Springwood Avenue location for a complimentary meal, or learn more about helping.

Each need-to- feed event costs from $300 to $500.  This includes cost of food and salaries for our employees that prepare and serve the food.  Perhaps you or your organization would like to sponsor one or more need-to- feed events.  Please support this program by filling out the form on our Contact page.

Seasonal Farm Work

The Seasonal Farm Work program includes an assessment of work readiness and barriers to employment, referrals to sources to assist with work readiness and barrier removal, and a reference letter for use in seeking future employment. Participants work no more than 60 hours over several weeks to complete this program and are paid at an hourly rate.

Tasks assigned to participants on the farm might include watering, weeding, planting, or harvesting of plants. Instruction and assistance is provided as needed by supervisors on site during each work shift.