Kulas | An Interview with Dashon and Romello
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An Interview with Dashon and Romello

We asked Kula participants Dashon & Romello

a few questions about their time at the cafe.

kula cafe

Here’s what they had to say!

First word that comes to mind when I say “future” ?
Dashon: uncertain.
Romello: cultivate
First word that comes to mind when I say “career” ?
Dashon: Job.
Romello : Doing what I love.
First place that comes to mind when I say “vacation” ?
Dashon: My house.
Romello: A beach somewhere with my feet up drinking coconut water.
First thing you think when I say “hungry” ?
Dashon: Food. Probably a cheeseburger.
Romello: The Hunger Games. And food.
When I say “hey”… You say…
Dashon: No!
Romello: Ohhhhhh!
What’s your favorite part about Kula?
Dashon: The people. Everyone involved here. It’s fun here.

Romello: That I should have been fired a few times but the patience and respect from Wendy and James to work with me is what I love about Kula. I am learning how to be a worth while employee.

What’s your favorite part about serving? 
Dashon: Interacting with all of our customers.
Romello: Good question. I guess meeting new kinds of people.
What would you tell the next class coming into Kula? 
Dashon: This is probably the best job you will ever have so enjoy it while it lasts!
Romello: Anyhting in life you have to work for. Learn during your downtime. Memorize menu items or talk about your future and life with James.
What do you want to do with the rest of your life? 
Dashon: Be happy. And use Kula as a reference on my resume.

Romello: I want to create freedom for my family. What I’ve learned at Kula I plan on applying all of it towards the rest of my life. Thanks for everything!