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kula  (ˈkuːlə) –noun 1. Community of the heart 2. A group coming together of its own free will; an intentional community. [of Melanesian origin] 3. Eat -verb [of Swahili origin]

The Kula Café Training Program is a social enterprise addressing high unemployment and the mismatched training and employment opportunity  in the Asbury Park area.  This training program is designed to develop readily transferrable skills for application in the hospitality industry. Training and skills development will take place in a working eatery, giving neighbors the opportunity to help participants learn marketable skills while enjoying good food at a fair price. In summary:

Training in Asbury Park for Asbury Park

A hands-on community program to provide training in the hospitality  industry for jobs in Asbury Park and beyond.

Your 3rd Place

“First” place – home. “Second” place – work.  Your “Third” Place is Kula Café – a warm, welcoming meeting place…

Good food, good price

Good food with healthy options offered at a fair price available to everyone in the neighborhood.

Community Store

A local community market of goods from and for the neighborhood.


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